How to Tell If a Casino Is Going to Cheat You

How to Tell If a Casino Is Going to Cheat You

Article 2: How to Tell If a Casino Is Going to Cheat You

“No Risk No Gain” – A very popular proverb. And this is why people love taking risks while gambling. Whenever you deal with cards or spin you leave it to the chance. There is no way out. Nevertheless, there is something you have to never gamble upon i.e. the payment.

Unfortunately, there are few online casinos which have entirely turned into a business model to steal money from their players. Check out a few tips to help you play with an honest casino online.

Tips To Judge an Honest Online Casino

Recognize the Gaming Rules

If you are not aware of how to play the game then don’t think of trying your luck. High chance is there you will lose the game. So first learn:

  • Ways to play the game
  • Rules of the game

You can also seek the help of an expert who can properly guide you. In this way, you can avoid dishonest online casinos from cheating.

Check the Reviews

What can be the best than learning from players who have already experienced playing in an online casino? All you need to do is get into the review page of the online casino and see what other players are saying.

Ensure players have NO issues with the online casino.

Don’t Get Carried Away By False Advertisements

Often fraudulent online casinos promote false advertisements to lure enthusiastic players. Such propaganda usually is carried out by the department of Promotions (via emails). Just imagine an online casino advertises a great promotional offer but never give the claims to players when they sign up. Hence you should go through the reviews of players and check users’ ratings before registration.

Glitches & Errors

Online casinos must maintain professionalism as brick-and-mortar ones. Yes definitely there are other important things than how just an online casino appears to be but you can learn from the website as itself.

Just imagine if an online casino bonuses website doesn’t bother to create a functional website as then they won’t care if you face any problem/s. Take your time and spend some time browsing their website. Check the page to:

  • Check if you can get the FAQ link easily
  • Check if find the Support Pages
  • Check if the terms & conditions are properly written
  • Check if navigation from one page to the other is easy with NO errors or broken links

If everything is OK then you can sign up with the online casino without a problem.

Don’t Get Excited While Gambling

There can be BIG stories like – there is someone who has won a big amount. I am not saying that they have cooked up a story but if they want you to pay more even when you are losing then you should become cautious. The excitement to win big sometimes let you lose even more. So if you are losing then back off thinking it is not your day.

Dubious Certification

Worldwide Gambling has certain rules and regulations to abide by. Irrespective of where a physical casino is situated it should have a license from the government to function. Not a very good idea it is playing in an uncertified casino.

Government officials can take hold of their servers anytime. Uncertified casinos don’t follow any regulations which means nobody is monitoring if anything gets wrong. Take some time to check the website properly to ensure that it is licensed. Either check for the reviews or look into the site footer for certification

Lets us start with an example. You have set a budget to spend during gambling. This shows you are addicted to gambling. Bet the amount you intend to. Stay careful.

Don’t Get Deceived By False Tricks

Playing with uncertified casinos online may land you in a big loss. Such online casinos are not endorsed by gambling rule sets. In such a scenario, the dealer or online casinos follow some rules and regulations to maximize their profits. Most players get deceived by this false trick. Know the legitimate rules before signing up with an online casino.

Never Gamble Upon Getting Paid

Next time when you have some fun in a casino online, choose a place where they can pay once you win the game. And yes after winning once don’t use the cash amount to gamble again.

Are the Players Winning?

When playing in an online casino you are all alone. This gives you complete freedom but does have a psychological effect. Unlike offline casinos where you can see others win big amounts even though you lose. So you know the casino is certified.

With an online casino, you can see your outcome only. Since you cannot see if anyone is winning or most importantly the casino online is losing. The only way to know is by doing a bit of research before registering.

Are the Players Winning
Are the Players Winning?

Avoid Rigged Software

There is a nice way to find if the online casinos are operating with rigged software. With the help of globally certified third-party testing companies, every game runs through a hearty process to make sure that the games are fairly played.

There are 2 certified third-party testing companies which test the games for online casinos such as:

  • eCOGRA
  • TST (Technical Systems Testing)

Both these companies examine games of online casinos following which they give certification with updated reports every month. Players can see this via clicking on the logos at the bottom of the casino’s website.